Friday, November 5, 2010

A Thought on Rejections

It's never easy to get rejected. Even though an agent is saying they're not interested in your BOOK and not yourself, it pretty much feels like a personal loser dart has just been pegged on your chest. It's easy to get frustrated and bummed and feel like a trip to Coldstone for some consolation ice cream (which I totally did!). And by all means, take time for a mini pity party. But then, get over it! Use the rejection as a springboard, a challenge to prove that you can find the agent who wants your stuff! Either that, or as incentive to make your work even better so that the next time around you'll get a yes among the no's. Both of which I have done, because it definitely works! I submitted to about eleven agents yesterday after waiting painfully for about four weeks to hear from a few others and I was hearing NOTHING. After about an hour I got some positive news! An agent requested my first 100 pages! Good things defintely come to those who wait. There is still a chance for rejection from here on out, but at least I got a yes along the way.